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The ramada is a simple affair: four upright posts about ten feet tall tied and braced with cross poles and supporting a thatched roof of juniper branches, which keeps out the sunlight but lets smoke and heat filter up through. ... Finally I set up a cot near the ramada- not under it - and my home without walls was complete. Edward Abbey - Desert Solitaire

Our RAMADDA is a freely available data management platform that is simple to install and use - in the cloud or even on your laptop. With its open and extensible framework, RAMADDA provides a place for all of your documents, data and digital stuff.

Create dashboards and data tables. Manage photos, videos, spreadsheets and other documents. Integrate Slack, HipChat, DBs, FTP. Connect with SMS or email. Go deep with search, services, APIs, and plugins.

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Mancos Mesa - UT - USA

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Integrated data and content management for business and science.
The 10000 Cities Initiative provides collaborative data hubs to foster informed and resilient communities.

Find and publish data from the USDA, FED, EIA, FDA and 150 other sites.

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Flatirons - CO - USA

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Cotswolds - UK

NOAA's ESRL-PSD group uses RAMADDA to manage and provide access to extensive climate model data and rich content.
OceanDrivers uses RAMADDA to provide cutting edge oceanographic data management services.
This site of course is a RAMADDA server.
The UNIDATA Program Center uses RAMADDA to provide access to meteorological case studies and real-time weather data and manage and support user community.
The Atmospheric Science department at the University of Albany uses RAMADDA to support their research and education mission.
University of Albany
The Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami uses RAMADDA to manage and provide access to meteorological data and products.
Universtiy of Miami

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